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COVID-19 Update: We are now offering the new College 1st CAMP Hybrid Model with the flexibility to deliver 8 CAMPs this Summer virtually or on-site (if conditions permit). This hybrid model allows our partners to choose days before the event if they would like their CAMP to be delivered virtually using an online platform, or on-site (if conditions permit) using all social distancing protocols and the highest hygiene measures. Our partners now have the ability to choose the best delivery method as conditions are constantly changing, keeping both options available for their students. These 8 Hybrid CAMPs are available at the Elementary, Middle School and High School level. 

PreK-12th Grade Students have an early opportunity to explore and design their future college and career success plans by participating in academic enrichment activities and engaging in real-world mentorship experiences to become college, career and life successful. 


We research, develop and implement a one-of-a-kind curriculum on fast-growing and exciting fast-growing career possibilities in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Medical) fields. Each CAMP activity incorporates 21st century skills and is aligned to the State Test Objectives and HB5 Standards, always incorporating college, career and life success skills.

College 1st ​CAMPs are now implemented virtually or on-site during the school year and summer across multiple school districts, educational service centers and post-secondary institutions. 


To register for CAMP at your school, please contact your Principal or Counselor.

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