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College 1st Program Marketing Services

The College 1st Creative Team is committed the develop the highest quality of marketing publications dedicated to bring awareness of different student programs available to achieve college and career success.


Our marketing services includes the development of short-documentary videos, photo galleries and printed/ electronic publications for school districts, educational service centers or post-secondary institutions. 

Sample Video: Rio Grande City Grulla ISD Migrant Education Program


Our team has over 8 years of experience working directly with students, teachers/ administrators and parents in the development of marketing services. We focus in capturing the essence of the student experience while participating in these programs by conducting student interviews, filming video footage and taking photos of the students engaged in the activities of these programs. These interviews, videos and photos are used to develop world-class marketing publications.

We believe that if these student experiences are captured on camera and a creative marketing campaign is developed and implemented, we will bring awareness of these wonderful programs and initiatives to more students and their parents in the communities we serve, thus contributing to our purpose of empowering students for college and career success.


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