The College 1st Program works in partnership with school districts to offer students the opportunity to design their future, college, and career plans. Students engage in academic enrichment activities with mentorship experiences, while parents explore the benefits of completing a postsecondary education, understand what college and career readiness success really means, and learn how they can actively engage in their children’s education. 


College 1st works in partnership with school districts to accomplish the goals of improving student academic achievement, increasing student attendance, and igniting early college and career planning. 


The College 1st Team has successfully implemented over 550 CAMPs and 275 Family Sessions for over 25,000 students and 18,000 Families across the Rio Grande Valley in the past three years. These participants have recognized College 1st as a practical and reliable resource to their college and career planning. We have worked with school district administrators and principals to ensure that all instructional activities are aligned to State and Local mandates and policies. The College 1st Program is customized to specific school district needs, focusing on reinforcing academic content areas and providing students the knowledge, guidance and tools for high school, college and career success.

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