The College 1st Family Engagement Sessions are conducted on-site or virtually and have been designed to focus on providing parents with the knowledge, guidance, and tools needed to support and actively engage them in the education of all their children. 

College 1st has developed a dynamic bilingual family engagement literacy component with engaging activities to prepare parents with the knowledge and skills they need to help their children become successful. This program is offered on-site or virtually.

These sessions guide students and parents to work collaboratively with schools in the college readiness process. We design a meaningful support system to create a college-going culture at home. Each of these sessions provides guidance to students and parents on the HB5 (House Bill 5) framework that includes endorsements and graduation plans, as well as the jargon and significance of the ACT and SAT exams. Concurrent sessions in English and Spanish are offered at each implementation site. 

Virtual Family Sessions in English & Spanish 

The Family Engagement Session goals are to: 


  • Empower parents with consistent, two-way meaningful communication and ongoing training on topics that are critical to student academic success such as the HB5 Career Endorsements and High School Graduation Plans

  • Engage families in their children’s education by building strong teacher /parent relationships and improving the type and frequency of these communications

  • Ensure parents develop an accountability plan for their children by providing the guidance and resources necessary to promote a meaningful improvement in their academic performance, school attendance, and discipline in order to achieve college and career success 

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