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Social - Emotional Learning


College 1st has added a new social-emotional learning (SEL) component to all CAMPs, which incorporates: Self-Management, Self-Awareness, Responsible Decision Making, Relationship Skills and Social Awareness. Social-Emotional Learning is now part of the College, Career and Life Success Section in every CAMP we implement. 

La Joya ISD Brain Anatomy

Why Social-Emotional Learning Matters

According to recent research studies, programs incorporating Social-Emotional Learning make students feel like their school provides a supportive, encouraging environment. These students are more likely to make academic improvements and get better scores in standardized tests, while also improving behavior & attitudes toward school and prevent substance abuse. 


College 1st is committed to boost academic performance, improve school attendance and ignite early college & career planning. Social-emotional Learning is essential to accomplish these goals. 


Students who feel like their school provides a supportive, encouraging environment.



Students who made academic gains when participating in an SEL program with an academic component.

Average gained in standardized tests by participating in an SEL program.


Average increase in GPA for participants in an SEL program.

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