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La Joya ISD Business Academy Prepares Future Valley Entrepreneurs

Students from La Joya ISD Academy of Business design their future non-profit organization during the College 1st Business and Entrepreneurship CAMP. Photo by Ivan Aguillon.

A group of future entrepreneurs gather to compete against each other for the next best business idea for the Rio Grande Valley. Not only they are inventing a revolutionary product, they’re developing a new enterprise, which they will be working for and proudly creating new jobs for their community.

La Joya ISD Business Academy Students honed their skills as future business owners by developing, pitching, and marketing a mock company during the College 1st Business and Entrepreneurship CAMP at the Academies of La Joya ISD.

During the CAMP, students learned about a broad range of topics including rudimentary economics, the psychology of marketing, and career options for business management majors. They understood the importance of becoming part of La Joya ISD Business Academy.

“This is inspiring me to go college because is fun and I’m learning the skills I need for my future”, said Victoria Ortega, La Joya ISD Business Academy Student. “My favorite activity was making our own business”, concluded Ortega.

The students are taught that entrepreneurs are pillars of economic development and social welfare. Creativity, critical-thinking, collaboration and communication have become essential success skills for the 21st Century workforce across all industries. These skills are embedded in the CAMP’s curriculum. As students collaborated and communicated with their peers to formulate their “company,” they gained industry insight from business, marketing, and economics careers. In addition, the students learned about the critical-thinking process that goes into developing a new company. In this case, not only they developed their new company, they used their creativity skills to design the company’s logo and marketing pitch.

“ It was interesting to learn about how a logo is developed, it’s so much more than a design, it is the face of your company!” Said Adrian Saenz, La Joya ISD Business Academy Student.

The day finished with students pitching their companies to a group of investors, which other students played this role as Sharks, making reference to the acclaimed NBC’s Shark Tank Reality Show. The students talked about financing, competitors, and potential customers they intend to “market” their company to. “I can’t wait to bring this idea to life once I am older” said Katarina Ramirez, La Joya ISD Business Academy Student, one of many who went home for the day inspired, ready to become part of the next generation of entrepreneurs for the Rio Grande Valley.

For more information about La Joya ISD Academies, please visit our website at or call us at 956-323-2288. You can also contact the College 1st Program at

Written by Roberto Diaz & Kimberly Chacon

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