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Since 2014, the College 1st Team has been working in partnership with Migrant Education Directors in School Districts and Regional Education Service Centers across the State of Texas to implement College and Career Success Programming for their students and parents. We have served Priority for Service (PFS) Students and their parents in implementing State Test Preparation Sessions. We also have implemented CAMPs promoting the importance of completing a post-secondary education, expose Migrant Students to different career opportunities and prepare them with the knowledge and skills to achieve college and career success. We focus on the implementation of academic enrichment hands-on activities related to different fast-growing career fields with real-world mentorship experiences. 

We also work with Migrant Families on the college transition process, defining what exactly college readiness really means, and actively engaging them in the education of al their children. 

The implementation of the College 1st Program bring a different approach to student learning and comprehension. The College 1st curriculum is aligned to State Testing Content, using one-of-a-kind facilitation strategies, hands-on activities, content competitions, going above and beyond traditional teaching complementing the work of teachers in the classroom.

For more information about the College 1st Program, please contact us at 1.877.499.8544. 

Migrant CAMP Testimonial Video

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