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Student Testimonials

We believe in the power of student voices. That's why we encourage students to share their honest experiences at College 1st. Their feedback is invaluable, as it helps us continuously improve the program and ensure it effectively supports students on their college readiness journey. This section features student testimonials showcasing how the College 1st CAMPs have impacted their perspective on preparing for college.

My Success Journey - Student's Testimonial Video

Parent Testimonials

Empowering parents to partner in their children's success is at the heart of our Family Engagement Sessions. These sessions equip parents with the knowledge, resources, and tools they need to effectively support their children's academic growth, post-secondary planning, and career exploration. We collaborate with school districts to ensure these sessions are accessible and valuable for all families. This section features testimonials from parents who have participated in the Family Engagement Sessions, sharing their experiences and insights.

Family Engagement Session - Parent Testimonial Video

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