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Jubilee Academies Launch Young Explorers On A SpaceX Inspired Journey

Updated: Sep 18

Jubilee Students stand back as their rockets get launched. Photo by: Ramon Perez

Written by: Jaden X. De Leon

In the heart of South Texas, where the vast Lone Star State stretches out beneath the endless sky, an extraordinary CAMP is igniting the imaginations of young minds and propelling them toward the stars. Welcome to a place where students don't just dream about space exploration; they make it a reality. This unique CAMP is where budding scientists and engineers come together to build rockets, design and construct rovers, and craft meticulously planned missions to the Red Planet, Mars. It's more than just a summer CAMP; it's a remarkable journey that mirrors the audacious goals of SpaceX, the pioneering aerospace company committed to making humanity a multi-planetary species. Here at College 1st, the next generation of space explorers is taking its first steps towards the stars.

“This CAMP inspires me a lot!" Said Aaron Elliot, a Jubilee Academies Harlingen student. "Now I want to be an astronaut and see what’s out there, and this is the first step I’m taking for my career", concluded Elliot.

Jubilee Westwood students gather around to test their prototype Mars Rover. Photo by: Ramon Perez

SpaceX tests rocket launches at Starbase in Boca Chica Texas, just 86 miles from the College 1st office.

The Colonizing Mars CAMP represents a visionary initiative, developed by College 1st in partnership with Jubilee Academies. Its purpose is to immerse students in the awe-inspiring realm of Mars colonization, shedding light on the revolutionary technologies and ideas that are propelling humanity towards this daring goal. From the complexities of rocket science to the intricately designed rovers that will one day traverse the Martian terrain, our students gain a profound understanding of the transformative power of innovation and teamwork, all while setting their sights on the boundless possibilities that the future holds for humanity's journey to the Red Planet.

“This is motivating because I really want to do engineering or learn about space more after today. I’m more motivated to go after those goals” said Nathan Rodriguez, a Jubilee Kingsville student.

Jubilee students detail their mission to Mars. Photo by: Ivan Aguillon

SpaceX plans on sending multiple missions to the surface of mars, with the first manned mission projected to be in 2029.

We set the eyes of our students on Mars, just as the brilliant minds at NASA’s have been for over half a century. Students step into the shoes of SpaceX engineers, learning the importance of the technologies that can make these missions a reality. These experiences help shape opportunities for our students, guiding them to plan for their futures so they can step into careers they will be passionate about. Students learn about careers that shape every step of the upcoming Mars mission, from the heroic astronauts who will brave the journey, to the calculating minds that solve problems before they ever arise. Mars may have once held the potential to host life, and with the technologies currently being developed by space organizations, humankind may one day become a multi-planetary species.

Jubilee Lake View student and College 1st mentors prepare rocket for launch off . Photo by: Ramon Perez

As we chart this incredible journey, we not only celebrate the scientific and technological accomplishments that bring us closer to Mars but also acknowledge the spirit of these young explorers who, in their quest for the stars, are taking giant leaps for both themselves and the future of humankind. The stars are no longer out of reach, and thanks to Jubilee Academies Colonizing Mars CAMP, students know, the sky is just the beginning.

“I think these CAMPs help me to be more prepared for the future, so I can be college ready!" said Kayley Gomez.

For more information about Jubilee Academies, please call them at 210-333-6227 or visit their website at College 1st is a joint initiative implemented in partnership with visionary leaders from school districts, education service centers and post-secondary institutions across the State of Texas to empower students for college, career and life success. For more details about the program, please visit our website at or call us at 1-877-499-8544.

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